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Rapid Design through Virtual and Physical Prototyping

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2010

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Toy Concepts

Section A
Section B

Section A

Charley Ammerman
Running Spiral The Tumble Maze Pop-Out Ball
Keith Baren
Paper Football 2.0 Air Missile Air Racer
Mukul Bhatt
Jumping Ball Flexible K'nex Musical Air Board
Tyrone Celoza
Finger Football/Fútbol Pen Twirl Flip Ball
Chi-Chi Chuang
Musical Car Spinning Animations Musical Kaleidoscope
Kevin Chung
Magnet Aquarium Rubber Frog Flying Chick
Elisha Clayton
The Electric Tumbler The Motorized Rubick's Cube The Spinning Dymund
Jacob Divone
Bald Eagle Magnetic Crane Water Balloon Foxtail
Jake Flittner
Fun Ferry!! The Lily-Pad-Leaper! Bath-Sub!
James Hresko
Stirling Boat Visible Engine Rankine Car
Ibuki Kamei
Magnetic Air Hockey Combustion Chamber Rubix Maze
Fedya Kleshchev
Marshmallow Shooter Magnetic Levitating Rings Glider Launcher
Michael Lynes
Tasmanian Chameleon Hungry Hoppers Jekyll and Hyde's Hammercycle
James Mesmer
Drag Racer Volleyball Challenge Bean Can Rocket
Dan Miller
Bagel Bites Air Slugger Dual Flipper Challenge;
Mo Mohamad Ali
Big Bad Wooh Pachelbel's Cannon in a Can Free Kick Trainer
Devin Murray
Jumping Marbles Marble Launch Aerial Acrobat
Sid Nangia
Magnetic Building blocks The Peg Board Machine Starters Electronics Kit
Nico Paris
Marble/Hot Wheels Shooter Plinko Bank Water Bottle Pump Rocket
Brenden Patch
Back & Forth Racer Assault Nerfle Super Launcher
Daniel Rapoport
Aggressive Box Aggressive Box Aggressive Box
Zari Salimnejad
Not Your Average Skateboard Hoop Shooter Wind-up Sailboat
Won Shim
Miniature Airplane Mr. Balancing Man Fickle Car
Maddie Stearns
Bouncing Balls Perfectionary Magnetic Geometric Spheres

Section B

Jocelyn Avila
The Magnatron The Handycycle Card Castle
Asa Berg
Fire Extinguisher Squirt Wall Crawling Spaceship Wind-up Duck Boat
Kellen Chow
The Discovery Cube Sparky Paddle Boat
Charles Doomany
Interactive Music Box Transformable Ride-On Solar Night Lamp
Tammy Dvir
Stack-a-Bounce The Invis-Top The Scaling Sloth
Reyes Flete
Snatchies Along Came a Spider Hydraulic RC
Sarah Habib
The Balancing Tower The Diver The Flying Parachuting Genie
Tris Hogben
Classic Railroad Hand-Car Reversible Magnetic Gloves & Ball Toobz
Liz Hohenstein
Ride-along Tow Truck Four Senses Paint Backyard Barrage
James Hulley
Battle Tops Bathtub Top Rock'em Sock'em Basketball
Josh Johnson
SpiraSpinner; Sproing-a-Rocket Sea Rescue Game;
Paul Kimball
The Floating Sinker The Dolphin Jumper The Matroshka Fish
KinHang Leung
Superman Pendulum Doggy Cradle The Loser Pig
Brian Mizrahi
Slinky Ball Scream Jet Leaping Frogs!
Rick Musgrave
The Heli Shooter! Stack 'Em Up The Uni-Launcher
John Ni
Yellow Submarine Buggy Builder BBoy Balance
Mike Serebrennikov
Mentos Dragster Sno-mo-bike Snow digger
Sarah Stroup
Tilt-O-Ball Snow Slinger Wiggle Wobbles
Cecily Sunday
The Flying Stunt Man The Yellow Submarine The Paddling Puppy
Eric Totong
Jumping Car The Walking Gorilla Ball Man
Ethan Weil
Spin-Slide Spinback Rolley Poley


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