Scream Jet

The Scream Jet is a toy which stimulates children through sight, sound, and just utter enjoyment. Grabbing the toy by the handle at the end of the cord, the child proceeds to spin (themselves or just the ship) around as quick as possible trying to make the jet rise up into the air. As wind passes over the wings, the jet begins to "whistle."

This simple game can continue as long as the child desires or, for more fun, the user can press the 'Release Button' on the handle, disconnecting the tether. The result is the jet will soar high and far into the air! This is a good way for children to play outside and get some exercise because it encourages children to chase after the jet. As a result, this toy is useful for play in small groups.

This toy is based on the principles of centripetal force and wind energy/flight

Toy concept 1 | Toy concept 3
Brian Mizrahi
Carnegie Mellon University
Industrial Design Major, 2012
January 21, 2010