The Yellow Submarine


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We All Live In A Yellow Submarine...

The Yellow Submarine takes bath toys to the next level…literally! Children ages one to four will have a blast controlling this toy as they watch it move up and down in the bath tub all at their touch.  As kids pump water into the sub it will move down, and as they pull water out it will rise back to the surface. The Yellow Submarine illustrates the important relationship between buoyancy and weight.

How It Works

The Yellow Submarine has a hollow interior which is divided horizontally into two compartments. The upper compartment is air tight so that no fluid can enter the chamber. A rubber tube is connected to the lower chamber which has the capacity to hold varying amounts of water.  Before the child plays with the toy, his or her parent will fill the pump with water by simply placing its tip in water and pulling on the handle. They will then attach the handle to other end of the rubber tube.  After this easy assembly process is complete, the Yellow Submarine is ready to take a dive.

When initially placed in the water, the submarine will stay completely afloat because its body cavity is completely filled with air. When the child pushes on the pump handle, however, the submarine will descend because fluid will be pushed into the body. The child will notice that as he or she makes the toy heavier, it will sink. By pulling up on the handle, water will be removed from the body and the submarine will rise. While children play with this toy, they will see that the submarine will go to any level in the bathtub based on how much water is inside of it.

Materials and Cost

The body and pump of the yellow submarine is made out of durable plastic while the two pieces are connected with a rubber tube. At the end of each tube, there is built in component to ensure that water only moves through the tube when the pump pushed it in our out. Because these components are attached to the tube, there is no need to worry about and small pieces in this toy that children can swallow. Although some assembly is required, this is an inexpensive and safe toy that any toddler will love to play with in the tub!


pic of sub

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Cecily Sunday
Carnegie Mellon University
January 20, 2010