Combustion Chamber

The Combustion Chamber is a device that allows your children to play with the mysteries of combustion in a safe and controlled environment. The Combustion Chamber has a box in which you can put an object inside. Then, your child can use the remote control in order to inject different types of fuels and start a fire. This product lets your child experiment with combustion and explosive forces in a completely controlled environment. The chamber itself is made of thick glass walls, and the device is made so that when there is fire, the door cannot open. In addition, the air is vented seperately, so that your child does not inhale toxic fumes. The device is made very durable as to not endanger the child. Parent supervision is required. The construction cost will be slightly expensive, as there are some electrical parts, and the materials must be durable enough to sustain minor explosions.

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Ibuki Kamei
Carnegie Mellon University
January 22, 2010