Super Launcher

Super Launcher top-view

How to Play: Use the button to launch a ball out of the middle tube and try to land it in the 10-point funnel!

How it Works: Underneath the button is a simple lever. The weight of the ball resting in the bottom of the tube keeps the lever down, and pressing the button sends the ball skyward. Once that ball flies up the tube, the next one in line (determined by how many are in each chamber) slides into place, so you can have more than one ball in the air at a time, and can even send them on a collision course. On top of the contraption is a series of five funnels (with varying difficulties of entry corresponding to the score they represent), all of which are connected to tubes so the balls that enter them can be re-launched from the center. The front of the toy is made of clear plastic so all the wonder can be seen. How it Works

What you Learn: Gravity and Conservation of Momentum: of course it's a great toy to observe gravity, because the
force with which you press the button will determine how high it goes, and how fast it falls. It is also a great demonstration
of conservation of momentum when multiple balls are stuck in the middle tube (happens when you get a score of 1). The
playing child will notice the difference in the launch speed of a single ball and that of two or more.

all parts of the contraption made of plastic,
four wiffle balls made out of...whatever they're made out of
construction cost ~$10
ages 4+ (no safety risks)

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Brenden J. Patch
Carnegie Mellon University
January 21, 2010