Assault Nerfle

Assault Nerfle sketch

How to Play: Pull back on the pull cord and release to fire. Then simply pull the nerf dart back by its string,
stuff it back in the barrel, and do it all over again!

How it works: Near the end of the barrel is a stop, which attaches to a spring. When the pull cord is stretched back, the spring compresses, and when it's released, the spring launches the nerf dart out of the chamber. The string which the nerf dart is attached to is also attached to the stop in the barrel, so the dart can be easily retrieved after firing. How it Works

What you Learn: Springs - as you pull back, you feel the compression of the spring, so you can tell what is making the dart fire.
* Also, the spring is visible when looking down the barrel.

gun and pull cord handle made of plastic,
spring made of metal,
nerf dart made of styrofoam,
pull cord and retrieval rope made of heavy string
construction cost ~$3 per unit
ages 6+ for swallowable parts and violent theme

Back & Forth Racer | Super Launcher
Brenden J. Patch
Carnegie Mellon University
January 21, 2010