Back & Forth Racer

Back & Forth Racer sketch

How to Play: Roll the car back, release, and watch it go!

How it works: Inside the car, the rear axle is attached to a ratchet gear, and as the car rolls back, the axle winds up an elastic band, adding to its tension. When the car is set down, the front axle slides up the switch to disengage the ratchet gear and release the energy in the elastic band. How it Works

What you Learn: Potential Energy - the farther you pull it back, the more potential it has to go forward.

all pieces (except elastic band) made of plastic
construction cost ~ $.50 per unit
ages 2+ (no small parts)

Assault Nerfle | Super Launcher

Brenden J. Patch
Carnegie Mellon University
January 21, 2010