Reversible Magnetic Gloves & Ball


The Reversible Magnetic Gloves & Ball are designed to be a fun way for people above the age of eight to learn about magnetism and come to have a tactile-sense of its effects. They're gloves that can be used in conjunction with a magnetic ball, and are reversible so that they can either repel or attract the ball. Equally, they can either repel or attract each-other.



The gloves would most likely be rather difficult to mass-produce, and therefore rather expensive to produce. To make them safe (at least in-terms of swallowing things), they would need to be really well-sealed, as to not allow any of the small rare-earth magnets required to escape. Also it would have to be made out of a quite durable material to allow for multiple impacts from things accelerated by magnets.

Tristram Hogben
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010