This toy emphasizes the idea of center of mass. After playing with Mr. Balancing Man, the child should be able to understand that looks can be deceiving. The child, at first, may think a fallen man should stay down, but he will realize that the toy stands back up, because the center of mass is located on the toy’s foot.

How to play:

The toy is very self-explanatory. The child will move the toy around by nature, and soon learn that it stands back up automatically. It is a simple toy, which makes it a fun device that one can pass time with.

Production and Safety:

The cost of production is estimated to be around $10. The materials used in the toy would mostly be light plastic, in order to fill the bottom of the leg with dense to material to create a center of mass at that location. One obvious difficulty is to find the appropriate materials for production. Since most of the material is enclosed inside the toy, it should be safe for any children strong enough to push the toy (recommended for 2 years and up).