This toy toys with Newton’s first law of motion. The common child should think an object in motion should stay in motion (until in comes in contact with another force). But instead, the inner workings of the toy produce a seemingly opposite of the law’s statement.

How to play:

The child should apply a forward force to the car (in other words, give it a push). The inside of the car contains a semi-stiff metallic strip that opens back up after being rolled. This will cause the car to accelerate in the reverse direction, and return to some location near the child.

Production and Safety:

There are some complicated gears and smaller parts inside the car. The shell should be made with plastic, while the inner parts are made from metal (or outsourced). These materials should put the cost of production at $10. While the outer shell is big and safe enough for children of small age to play with, there are small parts inside that may choke children under 3 (recommended for 3 years and up).