Snow Slinger


snow slinger

The Snow Slinger is a device that slings snowballs up to 30 feet. Children place a snowball inside the scoop, crank back the handle, and hit a release button to send the snowball flying during a snowball fight or at an unsuspecting victim. This toy makes it easier and stealthier to sling snowballs for the inexperienced snowball fighter, making snowball fights much more fun and fair for kids of all ages! The Snow Slinger would potentially be manufactured out of thick and waterproof plastic to enable it to be easily and quickly transported in the event of a snowball fight. Also, the design is simple enough for young children to figure out how to use the toy and thus easy and cheap to manufacture since there are minimal parts associated with the toy. The arm could either be made out of a bendable material or thick heavy plastic that will not deform after several uses.

For children ages 5+


Toy concept 1 | Toy concept 3


Sarah Stroup
Carnegie Mellon University
January 19, 2010