Wiggle Wobbles



Wiggle Wobbles are incredible bouncy shoes that are based upon the concept of the pogo stick. The idea is that three heavy duty compressible springs, similar to those in pogo sticks, are attached to the bottom of a pair of shoes, and allow children to bounce around in a manner similar to the bouncing of a pogo stick. This design allows for more control of bouncing, unlike a pogo stick, and makes it easier for children of all ages to enjoy the fun of a pogo stick without falling over after one bounce. This toy may be costly to manufacture due to the heavy duty springs that are essential to the toy’s functionality. Safety is obviously an issue because it would be easy to get badly injured without using a helmet and other padding, but it is definitely worth the risk.

For children ages 8+


Toy concept 2 | Toy concept 1


Sarah Stroup
Carnegie Mellon University
January 19, 2010