Magnetic Air Hockey


Magnetic air hockey works in a similar way to regular air hockey. However, it contains one key difference. Before the start of a game, both players select a couple of areas on the board to magnetize. Once the game starts, the location and the polarity of the areas can not be changed. The game is played in a similar fashion to regular air hockey, albeit with a magnetic puck. Because the puck is made with different polarity on each side, the puck can be flipped in order to change the effects of the magnets. This toy will help people learn how to manipulate magnetism in a strategic way. The players can also alter the intesity of the magnets they choosed. The toy will be fairly expensive, as it requires not only an air hockey table, but electromagnets as well. The device will be durable and safe, as there are no really small parts, and no sharp edges or corners.

Rubix Maze | Combustion Chamber

Ibuki Kamei
Carnegie Mellon University
January 22, 2010