Duel Flipper Challenge



The Duel Flipper challenge is fold out marble flipping toy that comes complete with marbles and plastic nets. The toy is completely self contained and is easily stored. A child can challenge his friends to a game of first to 50 points, or the one minute face off challenge. A metal clip attached to a spring contraption which allows a child to load a marble, pull back and fire the marble toward the nets.

There are three nets and the hieght corresponds to difficulty of shot and magnitude of points awarded. The nets telescope out from the base when the game is being put together.

The Duel Flipper Challenge is based on springs, gravity and projectile motion. When a child uses the toy they will be introduced to these concepts and the importance of precision and accuracy. This game also develops a competitive nature because the children are pinned head to head.
The game will be completely constructed of plastic, with the exception of the metal flippers and the marbles. Because the marbles are small, this toy is recommended for children 5+. This toy cannot withstand too much stress so durablity depends on use. The small parts and marbles make the toy unsafe for younger children.

Toy concept 1 | Toy concept 2

Daniel Miller
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010