Magnet Aquarium

Magnet Aquarium


The Magnet Aquarium is a clean, low maintenance replacement for the standard water-based aquariums. Children can experience the vast mysteries of the ocean depths at the comfort of their homes. The Magnet Aquarium creates a powerful magnetic field which suspends magnetic figurines of aquatic creatures in air, thus producing a floating effect. Children can customize their Magnet Aquariums with a variety of different types of aquatic creatures, which includes sea turtles and different types of crustaceans (more aquatic animals coming soon in expansion kits). Children will learn about aquatic life in addition to understanding the physical concepts behind magnets.

The Magnet Aquarium employs magnetism, specifically magnetic repulsion, to create opposing forces. The base of the Magnet Aquarium tank is a plastic shell, which encases a large magnet. Additionally, each animal figurine contains a magnet. The magnets in the figurine and the base's magnet are situated such that similar poles are facing each other. As a result, this magnetic repulsion induces a strong opposing force which pushes the animal figurine upwards, giving the figurine the appearance of floating in water.

The base of the tank is made from plastic with a magnet inside. The walls of the tank are made from plastic, as well. The figurines, like the base of the tank, are plastic shells which encase a magnet inside. The manufacturing process of the Magnet Aquarium primarily involves mold injection, which involves the injection of melted plastic into a hardened metal mold under high pressures. Afterwards, the plastic is allowed to cool and return to a solid state. Injection molding is a relatively cheap and simple process, so the production costs are relatively low. However, since there will be many different figurines and the tank consists of several different parts, the production process will require several different molds. Besides the molds, the magnets will be the most expensive part of the product.

The magnets found in the base of the tank are electromagnets, which require the flow of an electric current to produce a magnetic field. Therefore, the Magnet Aquarium will require electricity. Like any other electronic product, the Magnet Aquarium should be isolated from water during operation. Electric shocks or even death may occur if the product is plugged incorrectly into a socket or otherwise misused. Bearing this warning in mind, only children ages 11 and up should play with this toy. The Magnet Aquarium is constructed from plastic, so it is reasonably resistant to scratches. However, the product may break under large amounts of stress and strain.


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Kevin Chung
Carnegie Mellon University
January 26, 2010