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  • Re: Ability to have the AccuVote sort Over votes & Challenged, Talbot Iredale
  • BS Close button labels should be consistent throughout the application, Tracy Treat
  • Change the InsertCard bitmap for the AVTS, Talbot Iredale
  • RE: BallotStation - Add ability to go to Prev dialog when voting (was RE: Magnify as button option on TS start menu), Ken Clark
  • User name, host IP address, phone number, Keith Long
  • RE: RCR a "placeholder" for candidates with no designation, Ken Clark
  • RE: Mirror Image MDB linked to GEMS MDB, Jeff Hintz
  • Blank Ballot Warning, Keith Long
  • Viewing artwork by precinct, Ravina Dhami
  • Additional Race counter, Talbot Iredale
  • option to set Polling Vote Center count method Default to TS insteadof OS, Tari Runyan
  • Re: Support for new Card Readers, Lesley Thompson
  • Johnson County RCR status, Lesley Thompson
  • AVTS-R6: "Go Back" to Voter Instructions Screen after move into voting mode, Lesley Thompson
  • AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module, Lesley Thompson
  • FW: A report showing how many times each language was voted on AVTS, Greg Forsythe
  • Under voted races on the Summary screen should be highlighted., Ravina Dhami
  • Move Magnify Option to Voter Control, Steve Knecht
  • RE: consistent terminology on BS, Ian S. Piper
  • BallotStation 4-3-4 Cross-endorsed candidate appearance with party, Nel Finberg
  • RE: External Smart Card Reader Substitute Approval, Sophia Lee
  • GEMS 1-19-1 AccuVote Server application icons, Nel Finberg
  • BallotStation 4-3-5 Supervisor Functions, Nel Finberg
  • Re: GEMS 1-18-10 default language-based ballot text, Nel Finberg
  • Two Line Candidate Name on Summary Page for AVTS, Jeff Hintz
  • Re: Precinct IDs for Colorado, Talbot Iredale
  • Replace scroll bar in the REVIEW BALLOT screen with NEXT and PREV buttons., Sophia Lee
  • additional info requested by Ca users for E Summary report, Tari Runyan
  • GEMS 1-18-10 Audio window placement, Nel Finberg
  • Audit Log Printer Function, Don Vopalensky
  • AVTS Accumulation Audit Log, Don Vopalensky
  • Texas Certification, Don Vopalensky
  • The ability to increase the audio speed with the Audio Ballot, Greg Forsythe
  • The ability to use the cursor keys on the 10 key keypad for the visually disabled, Greg Forsythe

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