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RE: AVTS Accumulation Audit Log

He means the printer.  I think you might have even made a change along
those lines the last time we went through.  I am no expert on the
subject, but when I was last down in Texas cert, they defined an
"accumulation device" as anything that added totals from two or more
"counting devices".  That means the PCC, or the "Master Accumulation
Ballot Station".

And yes, this would be in 4.1.12 or 4.3.8 if we want to chalk this up as
a bug, and 4.4.x if we want to call this a feature.


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    Do you mean by "Log" that it needs to actually print the entry on
internal printer or just record it in the internal log?

    Also what do you mean by "this must work with the 4.1.11 firmware"?
we make any changes to the software then by definition it is not 4.1.11.


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Subject: AVTS Accumulation Audit Log

> Jurisdiction:  Texas Certification
> Date requested:  May 29, 2002
> Date needed:  August 15, 2002
> When using a AVTS to do accumulation in the precinct, that AVTS must
> poll worker actions and messages that have taken place on that
> unit.  This must work with the 4.1.11 firmware.