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Re: Texas Certification

Steve, I think the intent is to provide this for Texas only; it would not be part of the standard GEMS configuration.
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Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 8:55 AM
Subject: Re: Texas Certification

This would be a disaster for anyone actually trying to run an election,
interfacing to Sec. State files, sneakerneting HTML files, etc.  If this is
implemented it should be for a Texas customer that doesn't really want to
run an election, Or GEMS needs to be deconstructed from a single user

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From: "Don Vopalensky" <don@dieboldes.com>
To: <rcr@dieboldes.com>
Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 10:07 AM
Subject: Texas Certification

> Jurisdiction:  Texas Certification
> Date Requested:  May 30, 2002
> Date Needed:   August 15
> A shell needs to be created in which the operating system cannot be
> from GEMS.