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RE: consistent terminology on BS

My experience in the recent City of Norfolk election suggests that the "Manager" Card name indeed needs to be changed.  The problem is that some of the more unsophisticated poll workers think that the Manager Card, as the name implies, is for managing the election.  Therefore, they insert the manager card in the Spyrus unit as well as the R-6 in the morning while attempting to open the polls.  As a result, the Spyrus units are wiped out and the R-6 units have to be placed back into the election mode.  Since the manager card is only used to end the election, why don't we call it the "Ender" Card, thus identifying it for what it is used for (not unlike the AVOS Ender Card) and help reduce the confusion level at the lower end of the poll worker ladder.  At any rate, in future City of Norfolk elections (and other R-6 elections that I have anything to do with), we will put the Manager/Supervisor/Ender Card in a sealed envelope marked "for used only to end the election at the close of the polls".  In my educated opinion, Supervisor Card will be just as confusing to the lowest common demonitor of poll workers as is Manager Card.     
Robert Pickett
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Could you comment on its use or the specifics of its function please.
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Attached is the new artwork for the "Supervisor" Card (nee Manager Card).  Please lodge any comments before Friday, May 17th, 2002.

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Yes, the terminology here is quite a mess.  We’ll change all references to the term “Supervisor” to be consistent across our product lines.  We’ll talk to Ian about changing the label on the cards.





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Currently there are three words used to identify the same function -  Administrator, Manager, Supervisor -  the word Manager is printed on the card so can we change the TS language to refer to Manager Functions, Manager Card, Manager Mode -  or else print something else on the cards -  just keep it consistent.


Tari Runyan