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RE: Two Line Candidate Name on Summary Page for AVTS

We had a long discussion within development regarding this issue and the summary screen back when it was first implemented.  We have to work something out to address this problem, and I venture we can do that in time for the August election.


The change would, however, be included in 4.1.12 and/or 4.3.6.  That will probably be a problem for Shelby if they have certification constraints.




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Thursday, May 23, 2002 9:18 AM
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Subject: Two Line Candidate Name on Summary Page for AVTS


Jurisdiction:           Shelby County, TN & all other AVTS accounts

Date Requested:    May 23, 2002

Date Required:       June 10, 2002


Shelby County, TN puts their Candidate Names into GEMS the same way that they put the Candidate Names into their other system, which is on two lines.  The first name is on the first line in a smaller font, and the last name is on the second line in a bigger font.  This all works for the artwork on both the AVOS and AVTS, the problem is when you get to the Summary Page at the end of the ballot on the AVTS, then it only displays the first line, which is the first name.  They would like to have this before their next election which is August 1st.  However, they will be setting up their ballot between now and June 10th, which is when I will go there to do the final changes and L&A testing for them.  Will we be able to accomplish this before then???  Also, they are currently on AVTS version 4.0.11, which is what the state has currently certified, would we be able to put this feature into this version, as well as, all versions after this???




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