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RE: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module

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Subject: Re: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module

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Subject: RE: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module

To clarify, Johnson county uses the "count test" mode so they do not have to reprogram demonstration voter cards.  They use a dummy "famous names" type of ballot on a separate station for demonstration.  They also do not use Spyrus. 
It seems we have three options.
Card Manager option:    Set the demonstrator machine into election mode.  Could we allow for multiple elections with the upcoming card manager?  The poll workers could then recreate voter cards for the demonstration unit at will and also be able to use the same card manager for the current election.  (Jurisdictions which use Spyrus can now program the demonstration voter card into the Spyrus in addition to the voter cards for the current election) 
With the possibility of multiple elections supported on the Card Manager, I can just see the voter getting a ballot for the wrong election.  The more options present, the more potential confusion.  Providing extra options at the polling place is bound to confuse more people than the number of people actually wanting to take advantage of the feature.
A separate Touch Screen unit is used for the demonstration election (this database is independent and obscure from the current election database).  If the voter is given a wrong card, the card will not work.  Instructing poll workers to turn on a unit and navigate to use the "count test" mode has proven confusing.  Instructing a poll worker to create a special voter card for an individual machine used only for demonstrations seems easier.
GEMS option:    Define the election as "Demonstration" in GEMS.  When so defined, the Touch Screen unit should allow multiple use of a voter card when in election mode.  "DEMONSTRATION ELECTION" should be displayed on the "Insert Ballot" screen, if not all screens. 
Are you saying that GEMS should allow for parallel ballots, one set for voting and the other for demonstration?  Or two separate databases are configured, one with the actual election and one demo, the touch screen units supporting voter cards for both?  ... 'Demonstration' would have to be displayed boldly on every screen.  How about VIBS?  Should every race header on the demo audio ballot include text indicating that the ballot is demo?
If a machine is given the capability to reuse voter cards it must be clearly identified as a demonstration unit.  I suggest this in the event a database set for demonstration accidentally could be readily identified.  Identifying it on every screen or every office in VIBS would be unnecessary.
An entirely separate database should be used for creating a demonstration ballot.  A proper demonstration ballot should have little or no similarity to any offices or candidates in a given jurisdiction. 
[Steve Ricke]  
Ballot Station option:    Place a "Demonstration" button on the instruction page.  When the voter presses this, go through an animated sequence such as a hand and finger voting a nonsense ballot, returning on its own back to the instruction page.  
Steve Ricke

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Subject: RE: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module

These are good suggestions.  We need some filling in a couple of blanks though.


If it is a “DEMONSTRATION” button, what ballot does the voter get?  Does it matter that they get their actual ballot, or can we just pick the first ballot?  If the requirement is for their ballot, what is the interface?  Do we list all ballots on another screen?  Is that really practical?


Similar question for the “DEMO” card.  Does the demo card just pick a random ballot, or does the poll worker program the ballot onto the card?  We could of course put a flag on the card to put it in “demo” mode, but that will mean a new checkbox on the card creation screen and a new magic key on the Card Manager (aka Spyrus).  That is not necessarily a big deal programmatically, but can users handle these flags?  I have visions of 1% of real voters being given demo cards by accident, and then ignoring the red blinking light on the cast vote screen telling them they aren’t really voting.





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How about a DEMONSTRATION button right on the front page of the first

display?  That would allow all machines to be used and allow pollworkers to

assist voters in a demonstration environment.  If that seems too accessible,

then perhaps a "demo" voter card? for the precinct.


Anyway, some way to give a demo to the voter is a great idea and needed.

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Subject: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module



> Johnson County has requested a separate Demonstration Module outside the

> Testing Module.  In the April election, demonstration units were deployed


> every vote center and we had an enormous amount of trouble keeping them in

> the proper mode to act as a demo unit.   Is there a way to have a

> "demonstration loop" that does not allow a user to "go back too far" and


> up outside the demonstration area?  Something really simple and