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Re: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module

How about a DEMONSTRATION button right on the front page of the first
display?  That would allow all machines to be used and allow pollworkers to
assist voters in a demonstration environment.  If that seems too accessible,
then perhaps a "demo" voter card? for the precinct.

Anyway, some way to give a demo to the voter is a great idea and needed.
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Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 2:15 PM
Subject: AVTS-R6 Demonstration Module

> Johnson County has requested a separate Demonstration Module outside the
> Testing Module.  In the April election, demonstration units were deployed
> every vote center and we had an enormous amount of trouble keeping them in
> the proper mode to act as a demo unit.   Is there a way to have a
> "demonstration loop" that does not allow a user to "go back too far" and
> up outside the demonstration area?  Something really simple and