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Johnson County RCR status

A Jan 29, 2002 letter from Connie in Johnson County indicated that three
software enhancements were discussed in Canton the week prior.
A Feb 18, 2002 letter to Connie in Johnson County from Barry answered that
"Pat Green indicated the three software enhancements listed in your letter
are posted for development.
As completion dates are available, we will pass on to you."

I have looked in the archives and did not find these items.  Maybe I am
looking in the wrong place.

 I need to know the status of the following items:

1)    Indicating that a precinct has not reported until all machines have
reported results in GEMS

2)    Indicating "vote for two" on the ballot summary screen in the AccuVote

3)    Logging the preview button in GEMS.

Thanks!  Lesley