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RE: Blank Ballot Warning

I think there is a bug here that might help a bit.  In the TSText directory, there is a file RVD_NoVotesRecordButtonText.rtf.  It is supposed to say "Cast Blank Ballot".  It instead says “Cast Ballot”.  If we make it say the right thing, then at least the user would be making a pretty obvious choice when pressing the button.


The most recent cast blank ballot text should look like:



You are about to cast a BLANK BALLOT,

which means you have not voted

a candidate or Issue.


Touch   Review Ballot   to go back to vote




Touch   Cast [Blank] Ballot   to vote a blank ballot



(the [Blank] part is my edit).  This seems to be pretty big/obvious from here.  Is this what they are seeing on the screen?


The VIBS warning is a good point.  It is a trivial change, notwithstanding the fact that I don’t know who is responsible for recording the new audio.  We’ll include this in 4.4.1.





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The State of Maryland would like the warning text for a blank ballot to be

larger and also the audio to give a warning of a pending blank ballot.

Maybe a blank ballot warning should be a full page warning and require voter

action to cast the ballot.


Keith Long

Maryland Project Manager