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RE: Mirror Image MDB linked to GEMS MDB

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Juan A. Rivera

Diebold Election Systems

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Jeff Hintz
Monday, May 06, 2002 7:28 PM
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Subject: RE: Mirror Image MDB linked to GEMS MDB


Puerto Rico is now going with the First Choice, using the Export Results function in GEMS.


Here is the format for the Export File, it is all numeric, without any separation within the fields:


PRECINCTO ID - 3 numbers

UNIDAD ID - 2 numbers

COLEGIO ID - 2 numbers

CANDIDATE 1 - 4 numbers

CANDIDATE 2 - 4 numbers

CANDIDATE 3 - 4 numbers

CANDIDATE 4 - 4 numbers

CANDIDATE 5 - 4 numbers

CANDIDATE 6 - 4 numbers

OTR - 4 numbers - (This field is & Write-Ins)

NAD - 4 numbers - (This field is No Adjudicado - (Challenged, Overvotes) [Juan A. Rivera]

BLN - 4 numbers - (This field is for Blanks)


The PRECINCTO, UNIDAD, & COLEGIO are defined all together in the Reporting Precinct.  If I put into the Export field, these 7 numbers together, then we should be able to give them what they want for these 3 fields.


Here is an example:   0130101002300450025003300120042000300010006





CANDIDATE 1 = 0023

CANDIDATE 2 = 0045

CANDIDATE 3 = 0025

CANDIDATE 4 = 0033

CANDIDATE 5 = 0012

CANDIDATE 6 = 0042

OTR = 0003

NAD = 0001

BLN = 0006


They want only one CRLF after each record.


Jeff Hintz
Diebold Election Systems
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Talbot Iredale
Tuesday, April 23, 2002 12:57 PM
To: rcr@dieboldes.com
Subject: Re: Mirror Image MDB linked to GEMS MDB

We have researched database replication and have determined the following:


1.      Of the various solutions Microsoft suggests the only one that may be at all viable is their Replication Manager.  We currently do not have Replication Manager and so it would be atleast 2 weeks before we had any real idea if this would even work.  From their documentation there is one potention problem with using Replication Manager in that it does not do one-way replication, so any change in the replicated database would be reflected in the master database.

2.      The other issue with trying to use database replication is that GEMS uses unigue keys for all records including the audit log records. Therefore if GEMS was run on both database there would be conflicts in the Audit Log when trying to replicate.

Therefore we do not recommend pursueing database replication. 


As for Puerto Rico's desire to produce custom reports, etc there are three option avalable to them with the current system.


1.      First choice Use export results to export the data and then import into a new database

2.      Second choice Use the output from ResultsMonitor as various customers have, including Montreal Quebec.

3.      Third choice User the Regional features of GEMS. Setup the 'Master' database as a 'Regional' site, upload to this database and then using the Regional Results Server transfer the results to the second database ("Host").  To use the option a second region "Master" needs to be created, all the vote centers need to be set to be in this region, a user needs to be setup to use this region and you must login as that user for uploads.  Note: currently you need to login as a "Host" region user to be able to re-set the election.

4.      Not Recommended but possible Directly connect to the GEMS database, as King County has.



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Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 4:57 AM

Subject: Mirror Image MDB linked to GEMS MDB


Jurisdiction:          San Juan, Puerto Rico 

Date Requested:    April 3,  2002

Date Required:       May 1, 2002, Actual Election date is June 30th, but need to test and have ready by May 20th.


Puerto Rico needs a mirrored MBD file system that linked to the protected GEMS MDB file. This MDB must be resident on are GEMS server and it must be open and accessible by their MIS dept.  The intent is to have them integrate our results to their existing IBM main frame and their existing reporting application software.  This is required instead of export of results that we normally do since they have developed their own jresults type application were it needs to be a live presentation to the press and to the public.  At the same time they hang terminals off their mainframe to allow TV, Radio, and Print media to produce their own reports live off the main frame.  The actual layout and structure of this mirror MBD is needed ASAP since their MIS needs it to develop the access routine to interface to said MDB.  



Juan A. Rivera

Diebold Election Systems

(214) 335-3478