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RE: Support for new Card Readers

I suggest we inform Johnson County we do not currently support this type
reader.  Development costs to support this type reader should be billable to
Johnson County.

Johnson County, Kansas should never be allowed to dictate the type of
equipment we provide support for.

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Subject: Re: Support for new Card Readers

Since the current card readers are no longer in production and we are
looking for replacements, I offer the following comments from Johnson County
Kansas regarding a new card reader.  They are committed to using the current
variety for their August 2002 elections but are interested in using "the/a"
new model for their November 2002 election.  Where does this go from here???
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  Subject: Smart card Encoder
  Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 10:50:25 -0500

  We would prefer some sort of integrated smart card encoder for our Early
Vote sites.  We purchased several USB keyboards with smart card encoders in
them.  This configuration helps reduce the number of devices on the desk,
the number of connections to the computer, and the number of electrical
outlets required.  The current encoder uses a bulky transformer that takes
two outlets when plugged in and outlets are always in demand.  The current
encoders tend to slide when trying to insert the card, the keyboard version
can't slide since pressure is applied downward.

  The brand that we purchased is made by Cherry.  I found them on CDW.com,
part number 299334.  The biggest benefit to this model is the price.  I know
the other encoders are of higher quality but I think it is more likely that
one of these will be broken in transit or setup of the remote location than
wear out.  I am not opposed to a separate smart card encoder unit, however,
it needs to require no additional power.  Remember this is just a suggestion
of what we would like not necessarily the exact brand or model.


  Kris Headrick
  Election Systems Integrator
  Johnson County Election Office
  2101 E. Kansas City Road
  Olathe, KS 66061
  913-782-3441 x3325

Re: Support for new Card Readers


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      I don't know how to answer #1.
      I have no accounts right now requiring new readers for questions 2-4.
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        Subject: Support for new Card Readers

        Posted on behalf of Ian Piper.

        The current AMC 152 desktop card reader is no longer available. Two
readers have been proposed as replacements.

            The ACS30 for about $49 and the ST100 for about $98.  The ACS30
reader is a small compact reader but draws it's power from a PS2 port on the
host computer (therefore it has two connectors to plug in, the serial
connector and the PS2 connector).

            I have tested the ACS30 reader and can get our software to
support it.

            What I need to know is:

            1) Is the ACS30 an acceptable reader?
            2) What accounts need this?
            3) When do they need this by?
            4) What software will they be using (BallotStation NT, or
VCProgrammer) that needs the new reader to create voter cards?



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