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RE: User name, host IP address, phone number

They are setup in non-obvious places in GEMS.  Under Setup->AccuVote-OS
Setup (sic), there is a Server tab.  Put the Host IP address in the
Server field, and the user and password in the PPP User and PPP Password
fields respectively.  The phone number is set in the Vote Center dialog,
to allow for different phone numbers by polling place.  There is an RCR
from Greg Forsythe to allow for a default phone number for the case that
it is the same for all polling places, but this is not implemented yet
and does not have a timeframe.  It will probably make it into an early
1.19 release, but its just gravy.  We'll probably combine the two
AccuVote setup dialogs to make it a little more clear where this stuff
is set up.  If there is any problems with the existing functionality,
post a bugtrack and we will see that it is fixed as a priority.  


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Subject: User name, host IP address, phone number

We are using the telephonic transmission in Maryland and would like
development to have GEMS load the User name, host IP address, phone
on to the PC Cards instead of having to go to the Accumulator TS unit
entering the information.  We have 200 precincts in Prince George's
that will need to be setup for the September 2002 primary election.  Do
already have a timetable for this change?

Keith Long
Maryland Project Manager