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Note: in adding news articles to the following list, we do not favour one side (pro- or anti-Narconon) over the other; if there seem to be a lot of unfavourable articles, that is because there have been a lot of unfavourable articles printed.

We have also included a small number of articles focusing on Scientology's Purification Rundown - as the direct equivalent of Narconon's detoxification course, many of the issues and concerns are basically the same.

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8 March Canberra Times (Australia) Letter: Rehabilitation the correct answer to drug use
28 March St Petersburg Times (Florida, US) Store selling Scientology vitamin regimen raises concerns
13 April St Petersburg Times (Florida, US) Anti-drug program rejected by schools
14 September Metzinger Südwestpresse (Germany) "The only important thing is that I love you"

Jan-Feb I.F. magazine (US) (title unknown)
2 February
Dagbladet (Norway)
3 March
Boston Herald (US)
3 March Boston Herald (US) Narconon in Massachusetts schools
6 March Boston Herald (US) Letters: Narconon succeeds / Church ties no secret
7 March Boston Herald (US) Letters: Narconon speaker an asset to education
5 April
TV4 News (Sweden)
6 April
Aftonbladet (Sweden)
6 April
Reuters (UK)
7 April
Berlin Kurier (Germany)
7 April
Helsingborgs Dagblad (Sweden)
7 April
TV4 News (Sweden)
8 April
TV4 (Sweden)
16 April
Nordsjernan (Sweden)
4 August Natick TAB (US) Wrong messenger for drug education
8 August Orange County Register (US) Remorseful robber surrenders; Twelve hours after a bank heist, he turns himself and the cash over to police
14 August Hannoverische Allgemeinen Zeitung-Magazin (Hanover, Germany) Psycho-Organisation Advertises In Disguise
3 October
The Mirror (Ireland)
24 November
Seattle Times (US)

1 March
Daily Mail (UK)
1 March
The Guardian (UK)
1 March
The Independent (UK)
1 March The Times (UK) Villagers buy house to keep out ex-drug addicts
6 August Daily Telegraph (Australia) Letters: Better ways to kick the habit
3 October Worcester Telegram & Gazette (US) Warning from the heart; Pupils told to avoid all drugs
4 October Illawarra Mercury (Australia) Letters: US Drug-free Rehab Program Needed Here - Now
6 October Daily Telegraph (Australia) Letters to the Editor: Drug-free programs the only fix

12 September Ponca City News (US) Letter to the Editor
11 October Ponca City News (US) Letter to the Editor
15 October Landeszeitung Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) "Narconon" drug rehab center to be closed
20 October Ponca City News (US) Letter to the Editor: Why is Narconon still here?
6 November Saturday Oklahoman (US) Drug Center Accredited - Narconon Chilocco Cleared for 3 Years
22 December Ponca City News (US) Narconon Staff Earns Certification

23 January Crain's Chicago Business (US) Weil's Free Dope Idea Is A Bad Trip; Here's The Solution
20 February Corriere della Sera (Italy) Tragedy while fighting drugs
31 May
The Independent (UK)
7 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Tribes Put Chilocco Into Bureau's Hands; BIA to Manage Former School

29 March Calgary Herald (Canada) Scientology course potentially dangerous, says Oklahoma report
30 May Calgary Herald (Canada) Letter to the Editor: Distorted Story Was A Disservice
28 June USA Today (US) Reaching out to stars in the grip of drugs

25 February
Daily Oklahoman (US)
27 February
Saturday Oklahoman & Times (US)
The Oklahoma Publisher (US)
6 March
Oklahoman & Times (US)
25 March
Daily Oklahoman (US)
14 June Newsweek (US) Scientology in the Schools: Is L. Ron Hubbard's morals text harmless?
10 August Washington Post (US) Sponsor of Drug-Free Rally Catches Some Unawares
14 November Sunday Oklahoman (US) Edmond Man Uses Scientology Techniques for "Purification"

4 January
Saturday Oklahoman (US)
12 January
Sunday Oklahoman (US)
14 January
Agence France Presse
15 January Agence France Presse 12 Scientologists charged with fraud
15 January Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Shifting To Training Role
16 January Daily Oklahoman (US) Close Narconon Pending Appeal, Board Requests
23 January
Daily Oklahoman (US)
27 January Daily Oklahoman (US) Letter to the Editor: Narconon Head Cites Support
31 January
Daily Oklahoman (US)
1 February
Saturday Oklahoman (US)
4 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Vows To Stay, Hikes Staff Training
6 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Judge Denies Narconon New Hearing
9 February Sunday Oklahoman (US) Narconon Chilocco's Future Rests in Hands of Landlord
11 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Draws Backing From Indian Supporters
12 February Daily Oklahoman (US) State Requests Contempt Citation Against Narconon
13 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Group's Sovereignty Questioned
14 February
ABC News Nightline (US)
19 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon to Get Patients, Official Says
5 March
Daily Oklahoman (US)
10 March
Daily Oklahoman (US)
12 March
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
21 March Saturday Oklahoman (US) State Asks Narconon Be Closed
27 March Daily Oklahoman (US) BIA Delays Action, Sets Meeting With Narconon
2 April
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
9 April
Daily Oklahoman (US)
9 April
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
22 April Daily Oklahoman (US) Letter to the Editor: Jim Reese's "abuse of office"
30 April Daily Oklahoman (US) Letter to the Editor: Fairness Appreciated
15 May Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Ordered Closed; Judge Wants Patients Removed
16 May Saturday Oklahoman (US) Narconon Granted Stay for Appeal
22 May Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Appeals Order To State Supreme Court
28 May Daily Oklahoman (US) Court Keeps Narconon Open, Awaits Evidence
11 June
Daily Oklahoman (US)
13 June Sunday Oklahoman (US) Narconon Wins Accreditation
16 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Chilocco Alumni Oppose Narconon
17 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Court Sets Aside Order; Narconon to Stay Open
19 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Chilocco Loses State Appeal; Center Requests Exemption
25 June
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
2 July
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
4 July
Associated Press (US)
4 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Editor Refuses to Pay Narconon Court Bill
9 July
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
9 July
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
10 July
Daily Oklahoman (US)
12 July Sunday Oklahoman (US) Town Helping Publisher Pay Legal Bill
16 July
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
15 August Sunday Oklahoman (US) Narconon Gets State Mental Health Exemption
19 August Daily Oklahoman (US) Lawyer Suggests Appeal Of Narconon Decision
20 August
Daily Oklahoman (US)
21 August Daily Oklahoman (US) State Legal Costs Climb In Fight Against Narconon
27 August Daily Oklahoman (US) Health Officials Review Narconon Standards; State Agency Frowns on Court Battle
19 September Tulsa World (US) Scientology Chief Blames Conspiracy for Troubles
27 September Sunday Oklahoman (US) Scientologists Say Controversy Misrepresents Beliefs
27 September Sunday Oklahoman (US) Narconon Religion, Foe Says
27 September Sunday Oklahoman (US) Church Has Few Members in State
30 September Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Clinic Waging Battle Over Semantics
3 October Saturday Oklahoman (US) BIA Tells Narconon Pact Violated In Failure to Get Certification
21 October
Daily Oklahoman (US)
State Agency Inspecting Narconon
27 October
Daily Oklahoman (US)
29 October
Daily Oklahoman (US)
30 October Seminole Tribune (US) A Capitol Outlook
12 November
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)

9 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon "Grad' Praises Actress' Rehab Support
13 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Tribe Seeks to End Narconon Lease
14 February Newkirk Herald Journal (US) Harold's Journal - Kaws Want Narconon Out; Great purple postulations!
19 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Indians Call for Changes in Authority Structure
23 February Daily Oklahoman (US) Chilocco Authority's Financial Affairs Questioned
6 March Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Chilocco Officials Object to Choice of Evaluator
8 March Daily Oklahoman (US) Effort to Break Narconon Lease Stymies Tribes
9 March Daily Oklahoman (US) Mental Health Board OKs Appointment
27 March Daily Oklahoman (US) Indian Health Service to Be Asked To Regulate Substance Abuse Site
12 April Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Certification to Resume
26 April Daily Oklahoman (US) Psychiatrist Inspects Narconon for State Certification Process
28 April Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Accused of Cult Links
30 April Daily Oklahoman (US) Drug Abuse Center Eyes Expansion
6 May
Time (US)
19 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Psychiatrist in Narconon Battle Wants Protection Against Suits
26 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Scientology Required, Former Guard Claims
13 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Doctor to Get Legal Protection
18 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Agency Might Participate In Certification
25 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Drug Center's Attorneys Seek to Delay Decision
30 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Tonkawas Support Drug Center
31 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Used Mailing List, Paper Says
1 August Newkirk Herald Journal (US) Harold's Journal - Caught It In The Wringer, Again
8 September Daily Oklahoman (US) Group Promotes Narconon Support
12 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Psychiatrist Questions Drug Center's Methods
16 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Seeks To Bar State Input
19 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Decision Delayed 2 Months
20 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Near State Certification, Supporters Say
21 October
Der Spiegel (Germany)
24 October Associated Press (US) Narconon Granted Further Licensing Delay By State Board Of Mental Health
18 November CBS Morning News (US) Newkirk, Oklahoma Fighting A Mind-Control Cult
30 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Newkirk Publisher Wins Cult Awareness Award
10 December
Daily Oklahoman (US)
13 December Daily Oklahoman (US) Letter to the Editor: Narconon: Let's Stick To the Facts
14 December
Daily Oklahoman (US)
15 December Tulsa World (US) Actress Blasts Narconon Decision
15 December Daily Oklahoman (US) Drug Center May Be Forced to Leave Tribal Site
17 December Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Decision Draws Fire
19 December
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
19 December
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
20 December Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Chilocco Kept Open for Remaining Patients
22 December
Daily Oklahoman (US)

8 January Daily Oklahoman (US) Della Cheryl Warrior: Indian Leader Struggles To Bring Tribe Independence
10 January Tulsa World (US) Drug Prevention Lectures Popular
3 May UPI (US) "Narconon salvaged my life" - Kirstie Alley
21 May Orange County Register (US) 'Cheers' star has high hopes for Grammer in drug program
24 May
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
Harold's Journal: Editorial Opinion - New Law Will Help...
28 May Daily Oklahoman (US) Chilocco School to Host Powwow
19 June Daily Oklahoman (US) New Treatment Center Not Certified, State Says
21 June Daily Oklahoman (US) Drug Treatment Center to Seek State Certification
28 June
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
28 June Daily Oklahoman (US) State Seeks to Curb Narconon Center
7 June
Newkirk Herald Journal (US)
Harold's Journal: Editorial Opinion
2 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Grand Opening
5 July
Newkirk Herald Journal (?) (US)
11 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Claims It's Not Subject to State Regulation
27 July Washington Times (US) Norris takes karate kicks at drug use
29 July Daily Oklahoman (US) Addict Describes Treatment, Flight From Narconon
31 July Daily Oklahoman (US) State Seeks Closing Of Treatment Center Lack of License, Certification Cited
2 August
Newkirk Herald Journal (?) (US)
16 August Newkirk Herald Journal (US) Harold's Journal: Shifting Into Their 'Delay Game'
30 August Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Takes Step to Secure State License
31 August Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Center Hearing To Proceed as Scheduled
8 September Daily Oklahoman (US) State Agency Ordered to Act on Narconon Certification; Substance Abuse Center Prohibited From Accepting New Patients
13 September
Daily Oklahoman (US)
13 September Newkirk Herald Journal (US) Commissioners Request Public Hearing In Newkirk On Narconon Certification
20 September Newkirk Herald Journal (US) Harold's Journal: Editorial Opinion
26 September Daily Oklahoman (US) Inspectors Pay Visit To Abuse Center
2 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Center Faces More Hurdles, Officials Say
4 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Public Hearing Planned on Narconon Chilocco Center
5 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Abuse Center May Face Contempt Charge
6 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Hearing Moved to Ponca City Because of Parade
11 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Actress Applauds Narconon
11 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Friends, Foes Voice Views On Certification
16 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Certification Decision Delayed
19 October Daily Oklahoman (US) Officials To Consider Narconon
3 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Narconon Officials Accuse Inspectors of Bigotry
6 November Daily Oklahoman (US) State Denies Drug Center Conspiracy
8 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Drug Center Challenges State's Authority
9 November Daily Oklahoman (US) State Board Blocked in Narconon Case Ruling Throws Out Licensing Recommendation
10 November Daily Oklahoman (US) District Judge Rules Narconon May Accept Patients
15 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Judge's Authority Over Narconon Case Questioned
20 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Ponca Tribe Gets Grant for Treatment Center
21 November Daily Oklahoman (US) State Asks Narconon to Explain Overruns
27 November Daily Oklahoman (US) Actress Praises Narconon; Alley Says Program Saved Her
6 December Daily Oklahoman (US) Letter to the Editor: Thank You
20 December Daily Oklahoman (US) Tulsa Psychiatrist Named to Evaluate Narconon Facility
30 December Los Angeles (US) $100,000 Raised for New Life Clinic


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