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Harold's Journal

Editorial Opinion By R. W. Lobsinger

The Newkirk Herald Journal,
9 July 1992

It is both humbling and heartening to have received such widespread support in the community. We thank you - no matter what the outcome of this situation - from the bottom of our hearts.

It is not difficult to expose the frauds this organization perpetuates on society, but it is sometimes difficult to understand the judicial system that is supposed to protect us from such groups.

We would be appalled if our judicial system allowed an organization convicted of criminal activity in another location to set up shop in our state. But that is just what it is being asked to do.

Within just the past 10 days or so, the "church" of Scientology was convicted in Toronto, Canada of breach of trust for planting spies in the offices of the Ontario Provincial Police and Attorney General's Office, and stealing documents from them.

In Oklahoma, it seems, all they have to do to try and get private information is lumber into a courtroom.