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Harold's Journal: Caught It In The Wringer, Again

Editorial Opinion By R. W. Lobsinger

The Newkirk Herald Journal,
1 August 1991

Scientology, according to Time Magazine, engages in everything from outright deception and burglary to dirty tricks like going through people's garbage in order to advance their agenda.

Propaganda intended to refute those "dirty trick" charges was mailed by Narconon (which still claims no connection with Scientology) to most of you last week... ironically using exact names and addresses somehow "appropriated" from the circulation list of the Newkirk Herald Journal.

None of our news rack customers received the package of slick, expensive booklets, but all of our mail customers did. All were addressed the same unique way we carry the names on our computer. And there were far too many of them to fall into the realm of mere coincidence, as will be alleged by Narconon, which has managed once again to get it's Thetan caught in the wringer.

Not only that, but the names they took came from a list of active subscribers from the second half of last year. New subscribers since January did not receive the package. We know where the list came from. They know where it came from, and now you know where it came from, because you know if you're on our circulation list or not, when you subscribed, and whether or not you received their stuff. It was our list. No doubt about it. The mailing was simply too selective to have come from public records, phone books, or anywhere but our office.

In their feeble attempt to rebuild a self-sullied reputation, Scientology's package of public relations pizzazz weakly attempted to construct a "conspiracy" between Time Magazine and dozens of other companies, business, and individuals on two continents which it blames for the Time allegations... a story that courageously confirmed everything we have been telling you for two years.

In Scientology lingo, it's a "Dead Agent" package... designed to discredit an "enemy" agent to the point that he will be ineffective and hence, a "dead" agent. True to Scientology policy, they have attempted to divert attention from Scientology's own misdeeds by pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for their problems. Just because every reporter who pokes around in their sordid history comes up with the same set of facts, they want you to believe there is a grand conspiracy out to malign them.

In this desperate and poorly thought-out effort to polish their reputation, these folks apparently believed using our circulation list to invade your privacy would help them achieve that goal. Did it?

While they were at it, they got ahold of an un-circulated brochure printed on July 13th for the Cult Awareness Network, which is having its annual National Conference in Oklahoma City this November.

Michael McNutt, a reporter for the Daily Oklahoman; George Tomick from KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City and I have agreed to host a media workshop at the conference, although none of us are members of CAN. That information was only listed on those brochures. Nowhere else!

On Tuesday night, July 16th, McNutt received a telephone call at his home from an oft-quoted local Narconon spokesman. The caller had a "pile" of suggestions for McNutt, including the comment that McNutt's professional reputation would be ruined if he didn't back out of the CAN workshop.

The caller also suggested that there would be demonstrations and possibly violence at the CAN conference and it wouldn't be very safe for McNutt to attend.

CAN, whose leadership boasts Catholic priests, Jewish Rabbis, all kinds of Protestants, some nothings, and an especially healthy sprinkling of former Ministers of Scientology, is considered a "National Anti-Religious Hate Group" by Scientology. They have a "Dead Agent" pack already made up on that, too, which you may be getting next, addressed with our labels.

The District Attorney and the State Attorney General kind of wonder how they got those addresses. So do we.

You don't suppose they dispatched an Operating Thetan to leave his body and slither through the crack beneath our door and then telepathically extract the contents of our circulation file from the computer? They can do that, you know! Most of them are already out of their mind, so leaving their body is no big deal. They haven't got it all perfected yet, though. When they get back, TR-L (outflowing false information effectively) sets in, and they can't remember what they did while they were gone, so they make something up to explain it... like a phone book story, or something.

Or did they just grovel round in our trash, instead? Like ordinary mortal scumbags do.

Which was it, guys? An OT in action, or just Dirty Tricks? Did you really think that either would enhance your reputation in our community?