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'Cheers' star has high hopes for Grammer in drug program

By Marilyn Beck

Orange County Register
May 21, 1990

Kirstie Alley reports that her "Cheers" co-star Kelsey Grammer has enrolled in the Narconon program -- and she's hopeful about his recovery.

"This is the program that worked for me, and I've been drug free for 11 years," says the actress and Narconon spokeswoman, who once had a $ 400-a-week cocaine habit.

Kirstie testified on Grammer's behalf last week before the actor was sentenced to 30 days in jail (scheduled to begin Thursday, May 24) and 10 days of collecting highway trash for violating probation on a 1987 drunken driving conviction by failing to attend an alcohol abuse program. He still faces cocaine possession charges.

"Kelsey is a great person," she says. "He goes all over the country all the time, doing benefits and helping people out. It's sad that the one person Kelsey has not helped is Kelsey."