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Letters to the Editor: Drug-free programs the only fix

Daily Telegraph, 6 October 1997

THE Naltroxene detoxification program (Daily Telegraph, September 24) for heroin addicts is just another crazy solution to a longstanding problem.

It amazes me the Government hasn't adopted a program based on a drug-free solution instead of turning every way for things that only introduce a new set of addicts.

First there was methadone, then the ridiculous idea of the Government legalising heroin for users, under some pretence of trying to cure them.

Now this latest rubbish.

Surely you must have heard of the Narconon Program - a drug-free solution that seems to have escaped the attention of the powers that be.

It astounds me a program exists with an incredibly high success rate and yet our government fails to support and implement it.

I strongly urge you to find out about Narconon - a drugfree solution.



MR Carr is to be applauded for not rushing into illicit drug-maintenance programs and not just because they need taxpayer dollars.

Whether he is aware or not, there are drug-free solutions to heroin addiction and other drug problems, operating around the world.

Narconon programs in a number of countries, in particular the US, Mexico, Sweden and Spain are achieving success rates in excess of 75 per cent.

We must surely look at drug-free solutions to this problem. Australia is viewed by much of the world as a clean, decent country - we started the "clean up the world campaign". Let's try to do the same thing on drugs.