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Subject: Narconon scam, or How To Insult A Nation
From: "Peter Wennerholm" <>
Date: 1998/04/06
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

A national TV station [TV4] here in Sweden yesterday showed some interesting footage that was never intended for Swedish viewers. It was taken from a Narconon propaganda movie, a real piece of Oscar-winning material which apparently has been received with standing ovations in the Scientologic communities outside Sweden.

To make it fairly brief:

"Sweden, right in the middle of the drug swamp, is fighting a losing war against dealers and pushers." Well, I live in Sweden and this is certainly news to me.

"...The highest crime rate in the Western world." Bullshit squared and cubed. Check any non-scientology reference work you want.

"The police, which has stood powerless against the onslaught has finally recognised the solution - Narcocon" (and a no-sound clip of a smiling policeman picking up a book from a table). Just as well there was no sound - the news reporter let the same policeman speak this time, and this is what he said: "I had no idea they were from Narcocon!" He wasn't smiling anymore, either.

Then a whole bunch of frontpages from our major newspapers were displayed, all of them praising Narcocon - and all of them forgeries.

And to cap it all, another silent clip, this time of our King and Queen discussing something with their aides, with an ecstatic speaker claiming that they, too, now give Narcocon their full and undivided support. Mrs Tarras-Wahlberg, spokesman for the Royal Court, had this to say: "The King does not support Narcocon. The video was from a private workgroup concerning something entirely different, and I have no idea how it has come public. We will speak seriously with Narcocon about this."

To summarize: a collection of slander, lies, and forgeries. Had the Scientology church been a nation, damned if we wouldn't have declared war on it!

Peter Wennerholm