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Sounding Off

Letters to the Editor

The Newkirk Herald Journal,
9 July 1992

To The Editor:

I have just finished reading your article concerning those pesky folks located north of Newkirk.

I congratulate you on your dedication in attempting to keep us informed about "Ronnie and his buddies".

Do you suppose that if Narconon was located close to the Oklahoma City area that it's possible the judge would feel differently about the whole situation?

This state has survived quite well without them for sometime and I'm sure the drug problem is more severe in California than in north central Oklahoma.

Maybe they need to have it simplified for them: You're not wanted here, or needed. Take your beliefs, idealisms, money and leave. Basically, don't let the door hit you in the butt!

Keep up the good work.

Ponca City

To The Editor:

Check for the Newkirk Defense Fund. We hope it goes over the top and you appeal!


To The Editor:

Hooray for you! My little check may help some! I feel Narconon is questionable and we don't need more queer places.

Most sincerely,

Ponca City

To The Editor:

I do not have much to give - would like to help so here's my check. Good to have someone fight Narconon.


To The Editor:

I support you completely. We need more like you.

Ponca City


(Many other letters of support also printed in July 16th issue)