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Weil's Free Dope Idea Is A Bad Trip; Here's The Solution

Crain's Chicago Business
January 23, 1995

I read Mr. Weil's opinion with much consternation. Those who take up this viewpoint have gone into apathy about solving the drug problem.

Chicago needs a visit from Kirstie Alley, spokeswoman for Narconon International. While most programs have a 15% success rate, Narconon has an 85% success rate-that means still drug-free one year after completion of the program.

Because they use the purification method discovered by L. Ron Hubbard as described in his book, ''Clear Body, Clear Mind,'' have training in ethics and drills that improve the addict's ability to confront life and communicate with others, graduates claim they have no more cravings or desire to do drugs.

The purification program cleanses the body of drug residues and other toxic substances through a regime of exercise, sauna and nutritional supplements. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation on Rehabilitation Facilities and licensed by the Department of Health in states where it operates.

Charles Van Breemen
Technical consultant
Glendale Heights

[Charles van Breemen is a Scientologist -]