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Subject: NEWS: Sweden - more scn media coverage
From: (Birgitta )
Date: 1998/04/07
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology:

Today's newspaper, HD - Helsingborgs Dagblad (7 April 98):


The King of Sweden, TV3, some bigger newspapers, among them HD and the Swedish Police are described as patrons when the Scientology movement market their Swedish activities internationally. Behind this disclosure is TV4-News. 'Of course we don't support the movement or their organisation Narconon. On the contrary there is good reasons to critically examine the different activities of Scientology' says the editor in chief of HD, Sven-Åke Olofsson. The Scientologists propaganda movie shown in TV4 is intended for international use. The movie says that even the King of Sweden has realized that Sweden has an answer to drugabuse. When the movie is zooming in the royal couple the speaker says 'and the answer is Narconon'. In the same treacherous way is drawn pictures of leading Swedish newspapers frontpages or news bills shown. 'It is grotesque to try to give out an impression that media, the royal family and governments in any way should have patroned or recommended the movement' says Sven-Åke Olofsson. In the north/west part of Skåne (province in Sweden) Narconon has had a long struggle to establish a Narconon in Brandsberga, Ljungbyhed. Those plans made the neightbors protest against it. The social welfare committee in Klippan said an emphatic NO, but after several appeals in different instances the county administrative courts approval stands.