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Della Cheryl Warrior: Indian Leader Struggles To Bring Tribe Independence

The Oklahoman
8 January, 1990

Q: The Otoes are one of five tribes making up the Chilocco Development Authority, which oversees the old Chilocco Indian school north of Newkirk. The authority now is leasing the campus to Narconon International, which is planning to operate a substance abuse center.

Have you looked over the lease, and do you have any problems with it?

A: I'm not very optimistic the tribes are going to realize this big profit that they keep telling us. I know there's a lot of drug and alcohol problems out there but I can't see Narconon really making any money. The tribes are supposed to get 15 percent of their gross profits.

Q: Are you concerned that Narconon has ties with the Church of Scientology, which some consider a cult?

A: We're looking at them as any other business.