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BIA Tells Narconon Pact Violated In Failure to Get Certification

By Michael McNutt

Saturday Oklahoman
October 3, 1992

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is concluding that Narconon Chilocco New Life Center is violating its lease agreement by failing to get its treatment program certified by the state of Oklahoma.

Narconon Chilocco officials, however, maintain that the center is complying with its lease because a state agency exempted it from getting its program certified.

In a letter from the BIA's Anadarko Area Office, Narconon Chilocco is cited for failing to follow through on its statements made in 1988 that it would get proper state approval to operate a drug and alcohol abuse center.

Dan Deerinwater, assistant area director of the Anadarko office, said minutes reflect that a member of the Pawnee tribe specifically called for state certification to be part of the lease between Narconon Chilocco and the Chilocco Development Authority. The authority manages the old Chilocco Indian school that partially is leased to Narconon.

"The understanding of the CDA, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Narconon was that state certification was essential for the success of the rehabilitation program and would be obtained," Deerinwater wrote.

"The understanding of all parties is evidenced by Article 18 of the lease which obligates Narconon to comply with the laws of the state of Oklahoma. Any alternative certification which Narconon may obtain from sources other than the state of Oklahoma, which includes certification by any of the tribal lessors, will require an amendment to the lease by Narconon and the CDA. "

A copy of the letter, dated Aug. 28, was obtained Friday by The Oklahoman.

The BIA gave Narconon Chilocco a month to respond.

Gary Smith, president of Narconon Chilocco, responded to the BIA letter on Sept. 28 by stating the center is in compliance with applicable Oklahoma laws.