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Actress Applauds Narconon

The Oklahoman
October 11, 1990


We shoot "Cheers" on Tuesdays so I am unfortunately contractually unable to attend your public hearing in Ponca City.

As the international spokesperson for Narconon Chilocco, I find it my responsibility and my pleasure to put in my 2 cents.

I became the spokesperson for one simple reason it helps save lives! By that I mean it not only gets people off drugs but it also teaches them to stay off drugs forever. As you are probably well aware, the staying off drugs is the part where most people fall short.

Since 1979 I have seen hundreds of people go through this program with enormous success.

Do you have any idea what it really means to be free of drugs and to have another chance at life? I'll tell you what it has meant to one person, me.

In 1979 (pre-Narconon) I was making $275 a week as a psuedo-interior designer in Wichita, Kan. Sometimes I would make a few thousand dollars, which was immediately spent on drugs. I was sick a good deal of the time due to poor health related to drug abuse. I was usually either flying high or deeply depressed.

I could not achieve a lasting or loving relationship because I was more interested in doing drugs. I lied to my family about my drug habit. I would rarely show up for work, and when I did, I was basically worthless. On many days, I wouldn't even get out of bed. Instead I would lay there and cry, desperately wishing I could stop doing the very thing that was killing me and destroying my life. Cocaine.

One day I hit the point of no return. I was trapped. One of my few real friends at that time suggested I go to Los Angeles and check out Narconon. So I picked up, packed up, went to LA and did the program.

Now 11 drug-free years later the picture has changed. I've been happily married for seven years. I have 1 an exciting, successful acting career. I wake up each morning and thank God for my new life and my new chance to make a difference in the world. I am active in environmental issues, public service work for the homeless and children's education and, of course, the "War on Drugs." I now consider myself an asset to society not a problem.

Most importantly, my family and I are close again. It's amazing how valuable a human being can become by merely being free from the effects of drugs.

I am proud of my successes and my new-found freedom since I did the Narconon program. But that is simply not enough. I feel a real desire to make up for all the damage I did on drugs. I have decided to do anything in my power to help all people seeking help escape the devastating trap caused by drugs. After researching over a dozen drug rehabilitation programs across the country and after seeing firsthand many friends seek help, only to be disappointed and caught up in the revolving door effect of unsuccessful programs, I have chosen to fully support Narconon.

How can anyone deny a program that has changed thousands of lives for the better? How can anyone overlook Narconon's 75 percent plus long-term success rate and not deem it invaluable to society? How can anyone stop a program that aside from saving lives, would bring much needed jobs to the community and raise the economy of the surrounding area?

How can anyone deny the Native Americans in your beautiful state of Oklahoma the opportunity to rise above problems of drug and alcohol addiction and regain the dignity, bravery and brilliance that was once the heart of this country?

And lastly, how can anyone stand by cowardly waiting for others to handle the drug problem in this country when a real solution is right in their own back yard?

The decision is easy to make. For one gives life and one brings death!

Decide for yourself! Support Narconon! Save lives! With your help and the help of God we will win this war on drugs!

Kirstie Alley,
Los Angeles