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Harold's Journal

Editorial Opinion By R. W. Lobsinger

The Newkirk Herald Journal,
16 July 1992

The many letters, cards, and notes sent to the Newkirk Defense Fund continue to come in from across the state and nation.

We have been notified that because of your efforts, the unjust assessment has been paid from those donations; the challenge to our sources has been thwarted, our notes have been protected, and our nose is still here at the grindstone.

It is too little to offer our thanks for your encouragement and support, and your deep understanding of the seriousness of the problem. We have not seen a complete list, nor do we yet know how much money has been raised in our behalf, but be assured that every one will be acknowledged. All 2,000 plus of them.

You are a vast army, educated to carry forward what we have exposed. Scientology is not merely the over-zealous new fangled religion it claims to be, but a political entity determined to either swallow you up or run you down.

Consider the words of L. Ron in Dianetics, page 534: "Perhaps at some distant date only the unaberrated (Scientologist) person will be granted civil rights before law. Perhaps the goal will be reached at some future time when only the unaberrated person can attain to and benefit from citizenship. These are desirable goals..."


Desirable for whom?

To this point, Narconon remains unlicensed by the state of Oklahoma. It is awaiting a decision (maybe in Septermber) by the State Supreme Court on whether or not to enforce a State Health Department injunction to shut them down for operating without a license. Narconon has also asked for a new trial in Kay County Court since Oklahoma County Court refused to overturn the Mental Health Board's decision not to license them. And in addition, they have asked the Mental Health Board to consider giving them an "exemption" from state law since they have obtained C.A.R.F. accreditation. (And incidentally, they have "hired" the first two C.A.R.F. inspectors sent to evaluate their operation.) These last two items are set for August 14, 1992.