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Harold's Journal - Kaws Want Narconon Out; Great purple postulations!

Editorial Opinion By R. W. Lobsinger

The Newkirk Herald Journal,
14 February 1991

The Kaw Tribe has approved a resolution calling for the termination of the lease between the Chilocco Development Authority and Narconon International, Inc.

The resolution lists seven points the tribe says represent "a flagrant disregard of the proprieties" between the parties involved.

The resolution says Narconon lease payments have been consistently late, and some have been returned due to insufficient funds. It says there have been difficulties encountered in the process of (Narconon) returning (borrowed) property to the Chilocco Development Authority, and that the tribe suspects Narconon of fraud in the reporting of the number of patients served. It says Narconon has failed to become certified under the State Department of Mental Health, that Narconon is suspected of fraud in reporting of their direct relationship to the Church of Scientology, and is suspected of dumping solid waste materials on Kaw Nation property.

The resolution "recommends and fully supports the termination of the Lease Agreement..." and "officially directs and authorizes" Kaw Chairperson Wanda Stone to initiate the process to terminate the lease. The resolution was approved on February 2, 1991 by the Executive Committee with 6 votes in favor, none against, and one abstention.

Good sense prevails.

Narconon responded characteristically, in a letter to the tribe, by attacking former Scientologists who have come to their senses and subtly suggesting that there will be "trouble" if the tribal leaders don't agree with them. All the while failing to address any of the real problems and concerns that exist about their organization.

Narconon begins it's second year of unlicensed and uncertified operation this month. You try opening a barber shop without a license and see how long it takes the state to shut you down. Even if you call it the Church of the Holy Haircut, they'll be on you in a New York minute.

Narconon will blame the delay on the state, of course. But the fact is, they can't be certified because their "treatment " is "Scientology religion" and the state cannot sanction or franchise any religion. As medical or scientific protocol, it is pure malarkey. But you can't collect insurance money or public assistance selling religion unless you can dupe enough people into believing it is medicine. Trouble is, we didn't dupe up right.

We've been content, lately, to allow the system to run it's course, but Scientology apparently is becoming worried again. One of the other front groups, "The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights:, which attacks legitimate mental health care, appears to be targeting the Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital in Tulsa. Big article in Tuesday's Tulsa World.

Funny thing. That hospital is where Dr. Dwight Holden works. Who's Dr. Dwight Holden? One of the certifying members of the State Board of Mental Health, of Course. Before they're done, they'll try to intimidate and frighten him and everyone else on the board. It's standard Scientology operating procedure. Nothing's changed.