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Drug Treatment Center to Seek State Certification

The Oklahoman
June 21, 1990

Officials with a Narconon drug treatment center plan to apply for state certification "very soon," though state health officials say a delay between the filing and the center's opening would not be unusual.

The Chilocco New Life Center will open June 29 during a three-day event that includes ribbon-cutting, concerts and Indian speakers and dancers, said spokesman Gary Smith.

He said Narconon has been treating some clients on a limited basis.

Smith said Narconon recently completed the first phase of construction and an application for state certification would be filed soon. Officials with the state mental health department say there is no hurry.

"It's not that unusual that a program begins without certification in place," said Rosemary Brown, a spokeswoman with the mental health department. "As long as we see efforts in place to take the steps necessary for certification, we can work with a program."

Narconon is being developed at the old Chilocco Indian school north of Ponca City.

Brown said that once an application is submitted, the mental health department would send a team of audit and compliance field representatives to make sure the program has been properly established.

The proposed program drew some concern from local officials last year who claimed it was affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

John Duff, director of Narconon International in Los Angeles, has said Narconon is not a part of the church, although it was developed with L. Ron Hubbard, the late founder of the Church of Scientology.