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Drug Abuse Center Eyes Expansion

The Oklahoman
April 30, 1991

A substance abuse center awaiting state approval already is preparing expansion plans that would more than double its size.

Gary Smith, president of Narconon Chilocco New Life Center, said that by year's end, the center could be treating 200 patients at a time.

The facility, north of Newkirk, still is waiting for initial state licensing for 75 beds. Expansion plans would add 120 beds, Smith said.

A court order is allowing Narconon to treat up to 40 patients at one time until the state acts on Narconon's request.

Smith said Monday he thinks the Oklahoma Board of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services will act on Narconon's request in June. Narconon has been operating more than a year without a state license.

Dr. John Chelf, selected by the board to evaluate Narconon's program, visited it last week and was to submit his report by May 20, Smith said.

Smith said Chelf reviewed medical records and talked with staff and patients. While Chelf withheld from giving his opinion, Smith said that "by all observable indications, it looks good."

The state apparently is the only entity that can license Narconon.