15-213/18-243 Introduction to Computer Systems:

  • The part of the schedule that is in the future is subject to change throughout the semester.
  • The best source of information is the book (e.g., read the chapters/sections before the lecture).
  • The Monday material is from the recitations
Date Lecture/Recitation Reading Code   Lab

Mon Aug 24 (no recitations)
Tue Aug 25 Overview Ch 1; Slides; 6-per-page L1 out
Thu Aug 27 Bits, Bytes, and Integers Ch 2.1-2.3; Slides, 6-per-page

Mon Aug 31 Autolab, Fish, and Datalab.
Tue Sep 1 Floating Point Ch 2.4-2.5; Slides, 6-per-page  
Thu Sep 3 Machine Programs: Basics Ch 3.1-3.4; Slides, 6-per-page machine

Mon Sep 7 (no recitations - Labor Day)
Tue Sep 8 Operations, Control Ch 3.5-3.6; Slides, 6-per-page, x86-64 L1 due, L2 out
Thu Sep 10 Control, Procedures Ch 3.6-3.7; Slides, 6-per-page loop, procedures

Mon Sep 14 GDB, assembly, bomblab
Tue Sep 15 Data Representation Ch 3.7-3.8; Slides, 6-per-page, x86-64 data
Thu Sep 17 Advanced Machine Program Topics Ch 3.9-3.10, 3.14; Slides, 6-per-page, x86-64

Mon Sep 21 Stacks and Buflab
Tue Sep 22 Exam review L2 due, L3 out
Thu Sep 24 Exam 1 Ch 1-3

Mon Sep 28 Question answering
Tue Sep 29 Linking Ch 7; Slides, 6-per-page
Thu Oct 1 Program Optimization I: Basics Ch 5.1-5.11; Slides, 6-per-page optimization

Mon Oct 5  
Tue Oct 6 Exceptions Ch 8.1-8.4; Slides; 6-per-page exceptions L3 due, L4 out
Thu Oct 8 Signals Ch 8.5-8.8; Slides; 6-per-page signals

Mon Oct 12 Shells, tshlab
Tue Oct 13 System-Level I/O Ch 11; Slides; 6-per-page; Notes io
Thu Oct 15 Virtual Memory Ch 10.1-10.6; Slides; 6-per-page

Mon Oct 19 Race Conditions in Tshlab
Tue Oct 20 Disk-based Storage Ch 6.1.2,6.3; Slides; 6-per-page
Thu Oct 22 Dynamic Memory Allocation I Ch 10.9; Slides; 6-per-page malloc L4 due, L5 out

Mon Oct 26 Malloc, Storytelling
Tue Oct 27 Dynamic Memory Allocation II Ch 10.9-10.10; Slides; 6-per-page
Thu Oct 29 Exam 2 Ch 5,6.1.2,6.3,7,8,10,11

Mon Nov 2 Virtual Memory  
Tue Nov 3 Internetworking Ch 12.1-12.3; Slides; 6-per-page
Thu Nov 5 Network Programming Ch 12.4; Slides; 6-per-page network L5a due

Mon Nov 9  
Tue Nov 10 Web Services Ch 12.5-12.6; Slides; 6-per-page webservices
Thu Nov 12 Concurrency Ch 13.1,13.3-13.4; Slides; 6-per-page concurrency L5 due, L6 out

Mon Nov 16 ProxyLab
Tue Nov 17 Synchronization Ch 13.5-13.8; Slides, 6-per-page synchronization
Thu Nov 19 Synchronization 2 Ch 13.5-13.8; Slides, 6-per-page

Mon Nov 23 ProxyLab II
Tue Nov 24 Program Optimization III:
Cache Memories
Ch 6.2-6.8; Slides; 6-per-page
Thu Nov 26 Thanksgiving (no classes)

Mon Nov 30 Slides  
Tue Dec 1 Multi-Core Architectures Slides; 6-per-page
Thu Dec 3 Exam Review L6 due

Mon Dec 14 Final Exam (5:30-8:30 pm) DH 2210 & DH 2315