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  • Re: Gems changing from modem to Accu-Vote when downloading and uploading Fw: GEMS software versions, Guy Lancaster
  • changing name of setup in toolbar, Tari Runyan
  • Re: California Presidential Preference rcr, robert
  • New email address, Rita Schweitz
  • RE: 56K modem transmissions in VTS, Ken Clark
  • RE: Message out of sync, Ken Clark
  • RE: 128KB Memory Card One Pass Copy, Ken Clark
  • RE: 1-7-5, Ken Clark
  • JResult Client, Election Night Display, Greg Forsythe
  • Accu-Touch Design, Talbot Iredale
  • Printing of Ballots from Gems, Jeff Hintz
  • Re: Sequioa -AVC Edge touchscreen DRE, SKGLOBAL
  • Status w/ Doug Kaplan, SKGLOBAL
  • Sequoia Touchscreen - Edge, SKGLOBAL
  • New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements, Robert P
  • Gaston, Mike Brown
  • Setup for Modem connection from AccuVote-TS to Gems Host computer., Jeff Hintz
  • Re: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements (Printers), Ian S. Piper
  • Belmont City ABC referendum in Gastonia Co., Juan A. Rivera
  • Fw: GEMS questions, Juan A. Rivera
  • RE:Saturday Gems Merge Worshop, Mike Brown
  • Printing SOVC and Summary to file, Tari Runyan
  • Re: log printer, Juan A.Rivera
  • Saturday Gems Merge Workshop, Tari Runyan
  • AccuVote TS/OS Accumulator Unit, Robert P

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