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Re: California Presidential Preference rcr


Bill has already passed the Assembly (March 22) and passed the Senate (March
23).  It is waiting to be signed by the Governor.  It is just waiting for to
be signed by the Governor.  I am guessing that the Governor has veto
capability on the bill so it is still not a done deal.  However, the SOS
were treating it, in their meeting last weeks, as fait d'accompli.

I just talked to some dp people at the SOS, they think its going to be
imminent, perhaps even this week.  They promised to email me as soon as they

And yes, all the inmates of the world unite!  (HA,HA)


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Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 10:38 AM
Subject: Re: California Presidential Preference rcr

>Robert:  A few questions regarding this issue:  When will we know for sure
>that the bill before the House will pass/fail?  How is it ratified to
>official law (e.g., Governor's signature)?  Is this an indication that the
>inmates have in fact taken over the asylum out there?
>Oh well! Never mind.  I am just going to "back away slowly."
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>Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 4:40 AM
>Subject: California Presidential Preference rcr
>>Sorry, here's the formal request:
>>Date due: in advance of CA primary, so about middle November, 1999
>>Counties: Humboldt, Tulare, Fresno (possibly others)
>>Ability for AccuVote/GEMS to tally Presidential Primary race by all voters
>>as wells as by voter group.
>>Ability for GEMS to report Presidential Primary race results by all voters
>>and voter group, perhaps have total votes cast by voter group and
>>percentages.  As well be able to sort candidates by winner in voter group
>>(i.e. sort by Republican winner, Democratic winner, etc.)
>>Ability for GEMS to report Presidential Primary race in SOVC format by
>>group.  This one we'll have to discuss further.  I am having trouble
>>envisioning something reasonable.
>>Take care,
>>Robert Chen
>>Global Election Systems Inc.
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>>slowly... "
>> - Dan Wineman (geek)