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Status w/ Doug Kaplan

I know many of you have expressed concern about Doug, Frank's son, who was 
hit by a line drive in the head with a baseball on Thursday.  I spoke to 
Frank last night, and this is what the general picture is as of last night. 

There was surgery involved to relieve pressure on Doug's brain due to 
swelling and clotting.  This has affected his motor coordination and speech.  
The first few days were very touch and go, but Doug is now showing 
significant improvement and is off all monitors.  Apparently he is able to 
walk although his speech is still affected significantly.  Frank's family 
will not really know the long term projections for full or partial recovery 
for a while.  In terms of what we can do, I think its simply making sure that 
Frank can focus on family at this point and to send our thoughts and/or  
prayers for Doug.   

Thanks, Steve