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Re: Gems changing from modem to Accu-Vote when downloading and uploading Fw: GEMS software versions

  This problem has been isolated to the US Robotics 56K modems that Ottawa was using.  They have replaced them with older 14.4K modems and it's working fine.

  The symptom is that after the first upload, GEMS identifies the port as an Accu-Vote instead of a modem and the modem is still off hook (OH).  This indicates that the modem has not disconnected (hung up the phone line) after the Accu-Vote hung up and therefore cannot receive a new call.  The modems were apparently using the factory settings which has worked fine with USR modems up to now.

  Is anyone successfully using USR 56K modems with GEMS?  If so, how are they set up?  We need to find this out and share it with everyone.



Greg Forsythe wrote:

The City of Ottawa (GEMS-1-5-10) has reported that
When downloading to Memory Card the Program Memory Card screen changes the
status from Modem to Accu-Vote.  I have tried to duplicate this without
success using GEMS 1-7-5.

They also reported when uploading in the Receive Election Results screen
that the status changes to Accu-Vote from modem after the first

In fact it does and locks out any further uploads from other Accu-Votes at
different locations.  It appears that it retains the line and allows
successive Memory Cards to uploaded without having to redial.

The port must be highlighted, then the Stop key clicked, highlighted again
then Start to reactivate for the next reception.

There does not seem to be any process to terminate the mult-card upload and
reset for the next Accu-Vote.

Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
Global Election Systems Inc., Victoria, B.C., Canada
Phone: (250)995-8627