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Re: Sequioa -AVC Edge touchscreen DRE

In a message dated 4/16/99 8:02:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
asailsman@Earthlink.net writes:

<< FYI - I spoke with a prospect here in Florida this morning who earlier 
this week witnessed a Sequioa demo on their touchscreen unit, the EDGE.  Her 
comments included:
 Current 10" screen, black/white sells for 3,300.00 and none of the directors 
in attendance like the small screen.  A 15" color screen is in development 
and scheduled for certification this spring, estimated cost of 3,800.00
 She really liked the all-in-one carrycase with booth, privacy screen and 
 The unit comes standard with a 2hr. battery. A second battery can be 
purchased for extended battery operation. And, a 16 hour battery is available 
for an additional charge. Similarly, a modem is an additional charge. >>

Knecht - that is a much stronger combination of product features than we've 
got on the books at a significantly reduced cost.  The combined booth feature 
is significant.  Are they using flat panel? How are they accomplishing this?  
Battery option seems significant as does screen size.  Pricing seems to be 
what market is expecting as well, whereas our pricing is (whatever it is - 

My feeling is that as soon as someone else has a color 15" screen, our big 
advantage will go away.  It will be the same as when the first "windows" 
voter registration system came along, everyone thought it was the best.  Now 
everyone's voter registration is windows based and its much more difficult 
for customers to see the real differences.  If someone comes along in the 
near future with 15" color, and has battery, and has integrated case for 
polling booth at $3,800, and our product is as it is today, we are history.