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RE: New Generation AccuVote - AT Improvements

Really good point!  The logistics of election preparation in Gaston County last October/November were horrific at best.  The steps (at that time, with that software, with that interface) was so cumbersome and time consuming to make any election official grimace at the thought of the next election prep.  To be more succinct,  election prep at Gaston, for 280 units, was time consuming, very labor intensive and if not for a throng of GES assistance would not have been accomplished.  

In design, please take into consideration the pre and post election phase.  From a marketing view, current Accu Vote-OS  customers see and testify to a simple and efficient election prep cycle.  With Accu Vote-TS in its current configuration, customers will not say the same. 

Realizing the nature of DRE as opposed to one unit per precinct AV-OS, what can we do to facilitate a streamlined  pre/post election logistics with this Unit..
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<< Would it be reasonable for the poll workers to take the one or more 
external printers around to eachAT in turn to print out the results? >>

I think this would be possible in the precinct.  What I'm wondering about is 
when we are testing hundreds of units and we want to test a line of 20 or 40 
units at the same time, would using external printers be effective.  Maybe 
it's better in fact.  I'm simply encouraging the development team to think 
about the testing phase as well as the election day focus.